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Dorothy Forbes

Dorothy Forbes

, PhD
OHCRN Member: OHCRN Research Consortium

NET affiliation,
Dementia Care,
(Debra Morgan, PI)

Associate Professor,
School of Nursing,
University of Western Ontario


Dorothy A. Forbes, RN, PhD holds a CIHR New Investigator award, affiliated with a NET on Dementia Care (Debra Morgan, PI), and is Associate Professor, School of Nursing, University of Western Ontario. Her research program focuses on enhancing the quality of life for community-dwelling persons with dementia and their care partners in rural and urban Canada. Currently, Dr. Forbes is leading a national study on the Role of Home Care in Dementia Care and conducting two Cochrane Reviews on interventions that manage the symptoms of dementia. She is also examining the influence of gender on social capital in home care clients using interRAI data. Dr. Forbes is a co-investigator on the evaluation of the CHSRF EXTRA program (Malcolm Anderson, PI) which has a pan-Canadian knowledge translation focus targeting senior administrators in a variety of settings. The evaluation will reveal the effectiveness of the EXTRA program in promoting the use of the best available evidence in practice settings. Three other projects on which Dr. Forbes participates as a co-investigator include knowledge translation research within a Community Care Access Centre (Carol McWilliam, PI), relationships among home care providers, persons with dementia and family caregivers (Cathy Ward-Griffin, PI), and the use of photo-voice in understanding senior rural women’s perceptions of health promotion (Beverly Leipert, PI).