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Erin Tjam

Erin Y. Tjam

, PhD
OHCRN Member: OHCRN Research Consortium

Director of Research,
St. Mary's Hospital,


Dr. Tjam completed her undergraduate training in Food Science and Nutrition, master’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology, and doctoral degree in Health Studies and Gerontology. Dr. Tjam is currently the Director of Research at St. Mary's General Hospital. She is also a Senior Research Associate with the St. Joseph’s Health Care System Research Network, and an adjunct Assistant Professor with the University of Waterloo, Department of Health Studies and Gerontology. She has also worked in the pharmaceutical industry as a Project Manager on health economics.

Dr. Tjam has held a number of grants as principle investigators and co-investigators. She was a principle investigator on a two-year Primary Health Transition Funds grant ($ 400,000) from the Ministry of Health. This study is entitled “Prevention of avoidable acute care use by retirement and long term care residents: management of chronic heart failure through the use of an innovative inter-disciplinary education program for care providers”. Dr. Tjam also held a two-year grant as a PI funded jointly by the Change Foundation of the Ontario Hospital Association ($ 100,000) and a Hospitals-University-Industry Partnership fund ($ 310,000). This project evaluated the delivery of service and outcomes of a community-based interactive Internet diabetes disease management program. Dr. Tjam is also a co-investigator of a $1.86 million, multi-site, national project, funded by the Ministry of Health, entitled “Enhancing the use of interRAI instruments in primary health care: the next step toward an integrated health information system”.

Dr. Tjam’s research focus lies in evaluation research, population study, health informatics, standardized comprehensive assessments, and health in the elderly. She continues to develop expertise in cardiac, diabetes, and health services research. Dr. Tjam teaches regularly in aging and health, research methods, statistics, and multidisciplinary health courses.

Dr. Tjam is also a registered Speech-Language Pathologist, and she continues to serve as a scientist for the Tri-Hospital Research Ethics Board.