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Margaret Mottershead

Margaret Mottershead

OHCRN Member: OHCRN Steering Committee

President and CEO,
Ontario Association of Community Care Access Centres


Margaret Mottershead is the CEO of the Ontario Association of Community Care Access Centres, and President of Mottershead & Associates Inc., a management consulting firm specializing in health care. For the past 8 years Margaret has provided executive, management and negotiations expertise to several large health care initiatives. She has been Chief Negotiator for the Ontario Government on contract negotiations with the medical profession on alternate payment plans for all specialists in 2 Academic Health Sciences Centres, and hundred of specialists in regional programs across the province. She was also the Project Manager for the CCAC Alignment Project that saw Ontario?s 42 CCACs transformed to 14 new CCACs in 2007. Margaret is a former Deputy Minister of Health, and Senior Assistant Deputy Minister of Health, with many years of experience in public service.