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The Care to Know Centre : Improving Health Care Through Knowledge Networks and Social Innovation

The Care to Know Centre : Improving Health Care Through Knowledge Networks and Social Innovation

Date: November 24, 2008
Source: Care to Know Centre
Contributor: Nicole Beben

What would happen if a not-for-profit health care organization invested in projects designed to foster change?

As home and community care steps up to meet Canada’s health care priorities, Saint Elizabeth Health Care (SEHC) has invested $1.5 million to establish the Care to Know Centre a knowledge institute and grants program to enable and seed fund knowledge generation and evidence-informed decision making within the sector.

The Care to Know Centre has launched its Applied, Client-focused Team (ACT) Research Grants Program online at www.caretoknow.org/actgrantsprogram.
Applications will be accepted until 5:00 pm on January 30, 2009.

“With home and community care, we have the opportunity to rewrite the rules and redefine the possibilities of health care, but only if we rethink the system and how it serves us now,” said Shirlee Sharkey, president and CEO. “This initiative is about bringing people together to generate new knowledge to improve health services, inform public policy, optimize resources and achieve transformative change.” With a focus on social networking, social innovation and a collective agreement among health professionals to collaborate and share what they know, an exchange and transfer of knowledge can happen and effective change will result.

The Care to Know Centre will harness the knowledge of leaders including clients, decision-makers, care providers and researchers to transform and promote a unique client-focused health care experience. The Care to Know Centre:
• Collaborates with clients, families, researchers and health stakeholders to identify and select essential research questions, projects and issues about health experiences.
• Partners with clients, in Canada and around the world, in an ongoing dialogue about what is needed to transform their health experience and disseminate that information to stakeholders and decision-makers to transform the experiences.
• Funds consumer-focused applied research projects of excellence, in addition to pursuing the Centre’s own research initiatives and conducting research and consultation for others.
• Assembles, mobilizes, disseminates and acts on evidence to transform practice and policy.

We encourage you to contact us via our website at www.caretoknow.org with research questions, projects, ideas for programs and general questions to guide the developments our efforts and to make them meaningful to you. Our exclusive interactive, online community for researchers, organizations and clients will be launching in 2009. In an open source world of push/pull strategies, knowledge translation and exchange, we are counting on participation from active minds, who know that phenomenal health care is a collaborative effort that is happening anytime and anywhere

Nicole Beben, Executive Director
Care to Know Centre
Saint Elizabeth Health Care